Black Lives Matter

In Unity, There Is Strength T-Shirt

The recent harrowing accounts of police brutality against Black people in the United States have triggered an awokening in some, and a renewed awareness in others about systemic racism worldwide. In the Netherlands, decades of protests and counter-movements have culminated into the voice of new generations calling out systemic institutional racism, as well as protesting against racist traditions that return every year. 2020 is not the first year in which these voices have had to become louder, but every time we hope it will be the last. 

With the 'In Unity, There Is Strength T-Shirt' Daily Paper, Filling Pieces, Olaf Hussein, Patta, Smib, The New Originals and Hosselaer, seven Black-owned Amsterdam labels, are seizing this momentum, uniting to take a stand against racism, both national and worldwide. By doing so, we stand on the shoulders of all Black and brown people who have spoken up about (Dutch) racism before.

The 'In Unity, There Is Strength T-Shirt' features an artwork made by Amsterdam-based artist Farida Sedoc called No Justice No Peace (2020). The Amsterdam artist was commissioned by Stedelijk Museum to design a poster in dialogue with the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. The poster was purchased for the Stedelijk collection and will be displayed in various places throughout the museum. 

100% of the proceeds from the 'In Unity, There Is Strength T-Shirt' will be donated to Kick Out Zwarte Piet, The Black Archives, and Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL, organizations responsible for creating awareness and organizing multiple protests against white supremacy, transphobia, and racism in the Netherlands.

Pre-sale of the 'In Unity, There Is Strength T-Shirt' ends July 3rd, after which all orders will be shipped in 4 weeks.

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This tee is a collaboration between Daily Paper, Filling Pieces, Hosselaer, Olaf Hussein, Patta, Smib, and The New Originals.

The product will be made-to-order.

100% Cotton

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